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Onboard is the best way to setup teams with access to the software they need.

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Quick Setup

Onboard builds a personalized dashboard for every new member in your organization guiding them through the process of setting up all of their apps.

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Product Checklists

Track progress during setup using built in checklists, triggers, and alerts. Team Managers will never have to worry about someone getting left out of the loop.

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Product Pages

Use Onboard product pages to capture and share key information about user roles, product settings, and team guidelines.


All of your people and all your apps in one place


Onboard synchronizes with your GSuite user directory to make user management a snap.


You maintain complete ownership of all your data and can export it at any time.


Your data is encrypted and secured in it's own database.

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Smart Notifications

Get instant feedback delivered directly through your existing messaging tools such as Slack or HipChat. Take immediate action using built-in responses.


Cost Control

With Onboard, administrators have complete visibility into what products are being used across the organization. Use our built-in reports to identify wasteful spending on unused licenses.


App Integrations

Onboard is developer friendly and provides the flexibility to customize your experience via our API. We have many integrations built-in with more being added all the time.

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